Pastor Says That Castro Is Not Dead, Says Singer Is ‘Chilling’ In Spiritual Realm

A Ghanaian pastor has revealed that talented singer, Castro, who got missing over 7 years ago along with a lady friend while on vacation at the Ada Estuary is not dead.

It is now exactly 7years since the singer’s disappearance and according to law, he can now be declared dead since he has failed to show up during the 7 years.

However, according to a pastor known as Jesus Ahuofe, Castro was not dead yet but still alive. According to him, Castro would return back to Ghana after 30 years has passed. In an interview on Accra FM, he stated that the singer was actually having a good time in the realm of the spirit and would return when he is an old man at which time, people would not be able to recognize him.

This just one of the hundreds of stories that have been told by different people that the singer was not dead but was actually alive at another place where he was living quietly.



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