A Sark Fan Tells Him How To Get More Streams For His Music

A fan of rapper Sarkodie, has shown him how he can get millions of streams on his music videos.

It is known all over that Sarkodie is one of the most decent rappers in the country as he does not involve nude women and those shaking their backside in his music videos. However, according to this particular fan, that was the reason why Obidi was not getting millions of streams on his songs.

The fan indicated that one thing that can make a person watch a video numerous times is when there are big-ass women shaking their backsides in the video. According to him, this did not mean that they are naughty for preferring such videos but that was their motivation since each and everyone had their own motivation which propels them to watch a video more than once.

We wonder if Sarkodie will be listening to this.



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