Twene Jonas Launches New Attack On Akuffo Addo

American-based loudmouth social commenter, Twene Jonas, has descended heavily once again on president Akuffo Addo vice president Bawumia over their decision to pay their wives from the coffers of the taxpayers.

According to Jonas in a Facebook live session, Ghanaians are not the ones who married the wives of the president and his vice. He further adviced the president to divorce his wife if he knows that he cannot care for her anymore.

“Am I the person who married her? Then just divorce her. We don’t even see your importance. Just divorce your wives” he angrily stated.

Twene Jonas also touched on the recent expensive air travels of the president, asking whether it was necessary when Ghanaians were suffering to get some social amenities at the moment. Jonas also used several profane words on the president and his vice in the video.

it seems like the government just keep giving Jonas something to talk about every time


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