Moesha Begs Ladies She Introduced To Big ‘Men’ To Forgive Her

Moesha Buduong has given her fans something to worry about based on the latest video of the actress that is circulating on social media.

In the said video, the repented actress can be seen on top of an uncompleted building while being surrounded by several people. Moesha, who was looking dirty, can be heard confessing the things that she used to do in her previous life. It seems that the actress had regretted to the extent that she had tried to jump and commit suicide but the people prevented her from doing so.

According to her, she used to spend all her time at nightclubs and did not profit from it.

The actress also stated that she was sorry to all the ladies who met men through her. She also advised ladies not to try to entice men with their bodies to get money from them because they would not be able to do anything meaningful with that money.



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