Why Is Time A Raw Material Of Life?

For all my life, I have committed myself to respect my time and treat it with more urgency

Because I believe that;


 TIME Is A Raw Material Of Life!

When you waste time, you are wasting your life!

Sometimes I grief when look at the way most people of our age waste time in all kinds of ways

Time is one of the most VALUABLE things in your LIFE.

You cannot compare anything else with time. Once you have spent time doing something, it is never going to come back.

Each and everything in this world are dependent on time.

In real life, we see most people valuing money more than time.

But It Is A Fact That Time Is More Valuable Than Money.

Time is the only one that gives you money, prosperity, happiness, and whatnot.

No one can return the time he has already spent.

Time is a very essential resource for us.

Everyone gets the same of time in a day, and we all should make the most out of that time. You should also remember that it is effortless to waste time, but you have to think about the right things.

So, You Must Utilize Time Properly and Respect It.

Now, I share with you 10 things every young person in Africa needs to know about time in order to avoid the regret trap for wasting most of your time today.

  1. Time is the only thing that never returns once you have spent it doing any work.

So be mindful of how you spend your time and more importantly, the things you spend your time doing.

  1. Time always flows in a forward direction.

which means time is irreversible. So, you should never waste time.

Especially on things that will never get you a step closer to your DREAMS

  1. Don’t waste time out of ignorant

Most of us know that time can never be brought back, but we still waste it doing unnecessary things or doing nothing.

The truth is; if you do not take time management seriously today,

In your old age or retirement, you will ask yourself where all the time have had, has gone to and you will regret for wasting most of your and wish you had treated your time PRECIOUSLY

  1. Don’t develop the habit of procrastination

Most people grow a terrible habit of piling up all works for the last moment.

They don’t utilize the time to get to finishing those works, and in the last moments, They Complain About Not Having Enough Time.

  1. Always remember that time is Mistry and the only secret to your successes in LIFE

All successful people respect the time and understand the importance of time in life.

They are also very punctual and value their time above all things.

  1. Spend time only on things that add value to your life

Don’t waste time on unnecessary things, and, when they get free time, do creative things.

That means utilize your leisure time in productive ways.

  1. Always make it a habit to live within the confines of your time

A student who knows how important time is for his life can succeed in his future

And lead a disciplined life through time management.

  1. Always have a To-Do-Lists for your life

If we all want to manage your time efficiently, then we must make lists or works

Prioritize tasks, and set goals to achieve.

  1. Focus on beating your own records every day before any other thing

Always try to finish your works first and then try to help others finishing theirs.

Because success is a battle between you and yourself only

  1. Be Discipline with your time

Remember one thing. A disciplined life with proper management of time will lead you to a better future.

Remember I said to you that TIME!  is a good Raw material of life. So don’t waste your life by wasting your time. Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻






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