22 Year-Old [email protected] Stabs 23 Year-Old [email protected] Partner For Cheating

The Kasoa police have napped two gay partners involving themselves in a serious fight.

This has led to one joining his ancestors.

Prince Nyatoh, 22 got his gay partner Evans Amoah, 23 a job at a restaurant.

After getting the job, Prince suspected Evans dating a girl and avoiding his advances.

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This led to an open fight today where Prince stabbed Evans.

Rendering to reports, Prince met Evans on Facebook where he proposed to him.

Evans accepted his proposal and told Prince he isn’t new to Gayism because his teacher used to chop him way back SHS.

From there they move Thier relationship to real life.

Right after getting the job, Evans has gone for a girlfriend and seems not to be interested in the act anymore.

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

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