39 Migrants Drowned As Boat Capsized

At least 39 migrants drowned as boat capsized off Tunisian coast on Tuesday. The migrant were seeking to cross to Europe for greener pastures as a result of hardships, wars and etc. What caused the boat to capsize is still unknown but sources said it can be attributed to overloading of vessels and also departing at night when the tide is abnormal and the weather is rough.

Most of the migrants are from the sub-sahel African regions who are relishing to go to Europe to change their fortunes. The Tunisian National Guard Spokesman Houcem Adini Jabali said rescuers managed to pull 165 survivors and retrieved 39 bodies, among the dead are children and women. The 39 migrant drowned as boat capsized were mostly from Africa crossing to Europe.

The crossing of the Mediterranean Sea has seen a significant rise for the past 5 years. 94 migrants boats have been intercepted since the beginning of 2021 according to Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Right Romdhane Ben Amor. He said so far 1,736 have been arrested for attempting to cross the Mediterranean, He further stressed that between January 1 and 21 February, 21,3,800 arrived in Italy legally by sea. The migrants mostly cross through Europe via Tunisia and Libya. Also on February 22nd some migrant trying to cross to Europe disappeared at a place near Sfax 60 miles from Italian island Lampedusa.


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