About 80% of Ladies in Girls Senior High Secondary Schools Engage In Lesbianism – Repented Lesbian Reveals

A former lesbian who claims to have repented from her sinful ways has disclose that 80% of young ladies in the Senior Secondary Schools take part in lesbianism.

Rendering to her, Francisca Dela Avonyortse, most of the young ladies who are involved hide their act for the reason that the world will say about them.

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In an interview steered by Arnold Mensah Alavanyo on Vibe In Five, she made it known that;

“I was a popular lesbian when I was in Kumasi Girls. I was not a shy type. I always do everything and I did it openly. I used to fondle them openly, kiss them openly, and touch their buttocks openly. When I get to the bathroom all the girls run away because I could come and touch you and have a bath with you”.

“Some were cool. For girls schools lesbianism is normal and it’s like the order of the day. You can say like 80% are into it but they just hide…Most of the girls’ schools and even in mixed schools but they just hide. I didn’t hide mine but my family didn’t know I was involved”, she answered when questioned if her partners were okay with touching them openly.

She also revealed that, she kept her boyfriend while she was into that act, Lesbianism. But shockingly, her boyfriend couldn’t please her sexually like she gets with her fellow woman.

LGBT In Ghana

“Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) person in Ghana face legal and societal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT citizens. Same-sex acts between males or females are illegal in Ghana and are heavily suppressed.

Despite the constitution guaranteeing the right to freedom of speech, expression and assembly to Ghanaian citizens, these fundamental right are heavily denied to LGBT people.”

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