Beautiful Nigerian Lady Commits Suicide After Being Dumped By Her Boyfriend

Suicide has become the major public health concern and the fourth leading cause of death globally.

A beautiful Nigerian lady who goes by name Olivia James, an undergraduate student of Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic has taken her life after her boyfriend dumped her.

Rendering to reports, it is said to have consumed sniper because her boyfriend left her days after she celebrated her birthday.

Olivia was rushed to the nearest hospital but was confirmed dead on arrival.

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Olivia earlier took to her Facebook Page in July to update that she’s in a relationship. The relationship with Henry was seemed to be a serious relationship.

Olivia James reportedly caught Henry cheating several times but forgave him.

On October 6, after her birthday, it is alleged that she had a misunderstanding with Henry and he wasn’t answering her calls, instead, a woman picks up whenever she calls him.

Out of pain and neglect from her boyfriend, she consumed the poisonous substance and took her life.

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