Ghanaians And The Government – E-Levy System

Well as a good citizen to the country and a proud one, I will commend the current government on their new

initiatives which of course they tend to use to build the Ghana beyond aid.

I won’t say the e-levy is a bad one neither a good one but I think it should be looked at.

Ayekoo to my faithful taxpayers who do well to do contribute to the country’s development.

Government workers and both some private workers already pay tax which of course is not fair if they are being

asked to pay again through mobile transactions.

In order ways too, it’s one of the potential streams of income to assist the government make any developments in the country and also pay of debt.

The truth be told, if even the MPS within parliament are finding it hard to approve this e-levy thing, how much more we the ordinary people.

Members of Parliament takes decisions for the ordinary Ghanaian in parliament and some are deliberately rejecting it because of politics others are also approving and fighting for it because of the same Politics.

Ama Ghana has a long way to go but the earlier we start making things right from parliament, the better for the whole nation.

Like I said, I am just a concerned citizen and a proud one too, I only care for the right things to be done so let’s all figure it out together to make things look right.




I AM A STUDENT BLOGGER who blogs on student politics across the nation. I work with a team of expert in the tertiary institutions who gives credible info to any story worth telling.

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