God Said He Created My Son In His Own Image – Mother Of Angel Maxine

The mother of Angel Maxine, a well-known Ghanaian transgender has angrily come out to defend her son’s sexuality.

Angel Maxine was born male but now known as a woman.

Rendering to Maxine‘s mother, her son has been behaving like a girl ever since he was born and has done all the needful, fasting and praying about her son’s sexuality but God answered that, He created her son in His own image.

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“From the start, it was easy because I am a Christian and a born again and a woman of God as that. And she was brought up in a Christian home, her dad too was a reverend minister so you can imagine it wasn’t easy”.

In a viral video circulating online, Maxine’s mother angrily condemn Anti-LGBTQ bill before parliament.

She called on mothers who have thier children in the LGBTQ community to come out boldly and speak to what’s happening.

“Look at the bill they are passing, so will you sit down for somebody to just kill your child? I think that boy called Sam George is a mad man”, she voiced.

Speaking about her son in a video who was sitting by her;

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“We did everything we could, I went before God, I fasted, I prayed and the only voice I heard from God is, He created her in His own image so I took my son and He said I have a purpose for her to save people like her”.

Rendering to her, some homes have people like her son therefore the bill must be condemn because she want her son accepted for who he is.


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