Government To Provide Up to Ghs50,000 Loans to Startups -Nana Addo

The Nana Addo You start policy seeks to support young entrepreneurs with a soft loans up to Ghs50,000 to create jobs.

It wasn’t long ago and the Government made it clear that the public sector is full when it comes to jobs and there was the need for the country especially students to start thinking like entrepreneurs. During the budget, the finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta made it known to parliament and the country as a whole that; the country is moving from the phase of job seeking to job creation.



A post sighted by Giant News Ghana on Nana Addo’s twitter handle talks about the job creation the government seeks to do.

If the country is moving from job seeking to job creation then it is a good thing which will benefits students who are in the tertiary sector and are yet to graduate.

This new opportunity too will create a lot of avenues for the government when it comes to tax.


Alot of reactions from twitter users popped up after His Excellency tweeted.





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