How I Made My First $100 Online

Make Money Online

Making money online is not  an easier game. It takes an effort and hard work to hit your first jackpot. I know

You are here because you are trying to find ways to make money like myself about some 4years ago.

Alright let’s set the ball rolling. I had finished senior high school when I started the journey to making money

online. Lol trust me, I never had it in me to go for any job interviews that was secured by my late grand mom and my Aunt.

One early morning I woke up with no money in my pocket and my grannie had already decided she wasn’t going

to give me any money for my upkeep but rather was going to pay me if I take care of her store as an attendant.

My aunt had already secured a job as a pupil’s teacher for me so I decided to try that one.

I went over and the Headmaster acted so rude to me because I didn’t know how to write a good CV but then still

decided to employ me with an amount of $20 every month.

I looked at the headmaster with a humble facial expression and I nodded ‘ok Sir, I thank you very much and I will

be here God willing tomorrow very early in the morning’. I left and said to myself that I was never going to show up there again.


Do you know why? Because I was spending more than $20 every month. I got annoyed and I just start researching ‘HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE’.

I had numerous research and tried all till I stumbled on one great app which goes by the name ‘PREMISES’ so I downloaded it from play store.

The app as at that time gave out airtime for any research you do on dairy products by submitting pictures of them and their prices. They paid $0.20 and you can submit as many pictures of the research you did and get paid for it.

I started working on this app on a full time basis which was fetching me $25 every week as compared to my tutorial jobs offered to me by aunt. The app is currently restricted in certain regions and countries.

You can download this app on both IOS and android.



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