How to Breakthrough in Life

Breaking through in life requires a lot of serious discipline. Alright, for today in my blog post; I am going to restrict myself to the religious aspect since I am a religious person.

Life has so many test and up and downs. Life has ways it grades us in our daily aspect of lives. The good book says for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities’.

That particular part of the verse in the bible carries mysteries. You can’t breakthrough in life without a fight.

The bible says ‘pray without ceasing’. What this particular verse means is that, our adversary is always roaring like a lion and searching for someone to steal , kill and destroy. The only way to survive is by prayer and living a righteous life. The bible says ‘the fervent prayer of the righteous one works much’. The world is filled with so much wickedness that it takes the one willing to survive to breakthrough.

It is not to him that willeth’ but rather it up to our maker who decides who to resist and who to uplift.

To breakthrough in life, you need to stay focus on God, live up to His standards and just follow the principles relayed to us in His GOOD BOOK. Victory only comes to those willing to win.




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