How to Grow Your Business Online

As an entrepreneur, moving from zero to one in business is not an easy thing to. I am actually writing this blog

post with a lot of experience.

Business comes with a lot of ups and down. I started this blog as a hobby before I decided to turn it into a

personal business. I had other projects I was  working on before I stumbled on creating my on blog.



To run a business online is not an easier thing to do as many bloggers and writers will make it look easier

because they either wants you to join their online classes with some amount of money to learn their so called



Well, I am going to be honest with you; to grown any business online to gain presence requires a lot of hard

work. Yes a lot of hard work before Google will even get to know you.



In this blog post, I am going to teach you all the skills I adapted in making my first $100 online using some of

the most useful social media platform.


Let’s get started;

  1. Facebook has been around for years which has help a lot of people grow their brands online. One of the effective ways to grow your business on Facebook is to create a business page and do all the necessary settings.  I always tell people who don’t have money to start their own website to make use of Facebook. When you are through with the page all you will need to do is to create your first post and start inviting others to like your page. The more likes you have, the larger presence you have in searches.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also a social media platform which target both companies and employees. One of the core target of

LinkedIn is to link businesses to businesses or employees to businesses and vice versa. LinkedIn is one of the

major platform to create an online presence for your business as an entrepreneur.


  1. Twitter

Twitter has become one of the very vibrant communications around the globe recently when it launched it space. As a business owner, you can create a page for your business products and tweet it to your followers to gainmore presence or recognition.


  1. Telegram


Telegram can’t be left out when it comes to business promotions.

Telegram has the option of a marketplace which gives users the opportunity to sell there using their bot creation


You can as well create a super group which can have all your customers at one place for quick interaction and smart interaction.


  1. WhatsApp

Business ads can be shared via groups on WhatsApp which can generate a lot of money through the sales you


can make. WhatsApp is one of the most used app online which has a lot of features including group creation.





Promoting business hasn’t been easier but with the above social online platforms; be certain that your business will definitely scale up.





I AM A STUDENT BLOGGER who blogs on student politics across the nation. I work with a team of expert in the tertiary institutions who gives credible info to any story worth telling.

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