If Every Hole Is A Hole, Eat And Drink Through Your Nose Since That Place Has 2 Holes – Prophet Kumchacha Blast LGBTQ+ Members

The founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministry, Prophet Nicholas Osei widely known as Prophet Kumchacha has angrily condemn LGBTQ+ again.

While speaking, he cursed any Ghanaian leader who will accept LGBTQ+ to go blind, mad and strange diseases shall visit that person’s household.

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Prophet Kumchacha made reference to Deuteronomy 28 : 28 and said, God’s anger or curse will reign over any politician, pastor or opinion leader who will accept LGBTQ+ and blindness, stroke and madness, heart diseases shall visit that person’s household.

He then got provoked when a caller called to justify LGBTQ+ that “every hole is a hole” on Kingdom Plus FM.

Rendering to him, the answer to the query is;

“If every hole is a hole, then the caller should eat and drink through his nose since that has two holes”.

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