If You Are A Real Woman With Pussycat Mention My Name At Local TV Station Again – Ayisha Modi Jumps On Mona Gucci 

Ayisha Modi cannot oversee whatever thing that takes her name from place to place has again jumped on Mona Gucci for pursuing for her trouble.

Ayisha Modi in a lengthy post on her Instagram page has wretched Mona Gucci that they are two different people in different class and wouldn’t want to bout specifically when she (Mona) can’t afford 2000ghs house rent in Ghana.

It all started when Mona took to her show on Onua TV to claim Ayisha has rewarded people to bout her on social media while she had done zero erroneous to anyone.

Ayisha then warned Mona not to cross her path because she’s too hot to handle. She took to her Instagram page and tagged;

“If you are a woman I mean a real woman with pussycat mention my name at the local tv station again and I will show you that I was born and raised among men. I dare your low begging life to mention just Ayisha k3k3 and see what will happen!

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I don’t beg for money before I can feed my kids nor beg anyone for help before I can take my children to see a doctor. Am a self-made woman. You fools should put some respect on my name. Check my records or goggle my name and line up with yours, and see if we are on the same level or am ur classmates.

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I won’t disrespect my mothers @bofowaa and @oheneyere_gifty_anti for any she-goat who can’t even afford to pay 2000ghs rent. Am too expensive for ur foolishness. Now you want peace. Small girls are young ampa. Karma does not spare anyone Madam beggar. Tell the world how I saved ur son than telling lies about me.’’…

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