Kumawood Actor Nana Yeboah First Time In Europe With Amazing Stars – Watch His First Impression In An European Land Paris For the first time In A Video

Kumawood actor Nana Yeboah has stepped foot on an European land France Paris to be précised is everywhere on the internet with all kinds of jargons and drama displaying typical Ghanaian Asante-vallage life.

Nana Yeboah’s trip to Paris was on the purpose of business to premiere a movies titles “Truth or Dare” with the likes of Actress Jackie Appiah, veteran actress Kalsoume Sinare among others

In a video spotted by giantnewsgh.com, Nana Yeboah was showing off his usual typical Ghanaian Asante-vallage life in a hotel in Paris with other celebrities saying,

“I will go and ‘shank’ in Dubai, visit South Africa to Urinate and come back to Europe”.
Watch the video of how Nana Yeboah is making waves on the internet with Jacky Appiah and the likes below


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