Pep Guardiola Blasts Critics Who Claim It’s Unfair To Award Messi the Ballon d’Or

The Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola stated that it is unfair for football fans to say Lionel Messi does not deserve the 2021 Ballon d’Or.

The former Barcelona manager applauded France Football for going ahead to reward the Argentine a seventh Ballon d’Or title.

Football ball fans are divided over the decision to reward Messi the prize yet again, as many claim it belonged to Robert Lewandowski.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has expressed disappointment at critics who claim Lionel Messi should not have been awarded the 2021 Ballon d’Or, Sport Skeeda reports. France Football had, on Monday November 29, handed Messi a seventh Ballon d’or award, a decision which has generated lots of controversies among football fans. But Guardiola who managed Messi during their time at Spanish club Barcelona insisted that no one can say it was unfair that the award went to Messi.

Lionel Messi arranged a private Ballon d’Or party before missing PSG training with illness Pep Guardiola says Messi deserves the 2021 Ballon d’Or.

Getty Images With Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski missing out on the coveted prize last year, many claim the Polish striker deserve the award.Guardiolasays it is unfair to the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner.

“Don’t ask me about that, it is what iT is. We can never say it’s unfair that [Lionel] Messi wins the Ballon d’Or. It’s a show, a nice business to make football more entertainment. A big compliment to Alexia [Putellas], Pedri, Leo.” Many believe Lewandowski deserved to win the award last year when France Football decided against handing out the accolade on the back of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has taken to social media to back a claim that Lionel Messi stole the 2021 Ballon d’or from him and Robert Lewandowski.

Bayern Munich striker ‘attacks’ French Football officials for awarding Ballon d’Or to Lionel Messi And a five-time recipient of the same award, Ronaldo, who garnered 435 votes to finish sixth has commented ‘facts’ underneath a post detailing why the Manchester United star should have won it.




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