Prophet Kumchacha Condemns Alcohol Use

We all know what is morally right and wrong when making our own decisions in this world.

Most of us would agree that the aftermath of abusing alcohol is wrong. But what about the act of drinking? Is it immoral for people to drink?

Prophet Kumchacha in an interview on Happy FM‘s ‘Nsem Pii’ piloted by Kwabena Boafo made it known that, the Bible detests the consumption of alcohol, although the Bible asserts in 1 Timothy 5 vs 23 to use alcohol.

Making a comparison, he said;

“A doctor might recommend tramol to a patient due to his or her illness but that does not mean any other person can consume it. This is because taking the drug without prescription might cause death.”

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It can have powerful effects on your mood or mental state. Some drink small at a time, others tend to binge it.

Quoting several Bible verses to back his claim, he added that;

“Every crime is a crime. Someone will pull a trigger to kill or perhaps rape and that’s no different from when it’s comes to alcohol consumption”.


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