It Is Normal – Shatta Bandle Reacts To Sleeping With Underage Girl (Video)

It Is Normal - Shatta Bandle Reacts To Sleeping With Underage Girl (Video)

Shatta Bandle, Africa’s self-proclaimed richest man, has responded to his viral bedroom video with a ‘underage’ girl, claiming that there is nothing wrong with it.

Shatta Bandle shared a video of himself in bed with a young girl on Easter Sunday, April 4, which is observed by Christians all over the world.

Shatta Bundle was in a hotel room with a beautiful lady, resurrecting their feelings, as many people are praying for the saviour’s resurrection.

Shatta Bandle is seen in the video playing Rude Boy of PSqaure’s “Reason With Me” with the lady by his side.

After a few hours, the video began to circulate online, revealing that the girl is under 17 years old, a JHS student, and the family’s last born.

According to the voice behind the video, which was a voice for a guy, on Saturday, April 3rd of 2021, Shatta Bandle was at Bole in order to become part of Aseda Records’ signing of the singer, Lexicon, at the Plush Wuripe and Songs Royal Lodge (bole Dubai), before engaging with the young lady.

In response to his viral video, Shatta Bandle denied sleeping with the alleged underage girl and stated that they were simply filming a normal video.

Shatta Bandle thanked the people of Bole when he visited them while signing the musician named Lexicon for treating him like a King.

Shatta Bandle said he’s going to visit and record more videos.

Shatta Bandle dared to take someone to court and showed his evidence that it was only an ordinary atmosphere with the lady.


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