The Double Minded Thinking

Over 70% of the world population has issues when it comes to decision making and this actually affects our daily lives.

We find it very hard to come into terms with our daily decisions in life.


Personally I’ve had a lot of setbacks as a results of the decisions I made in my journey of life. The reason is simple, I was never certain about my life choices till I took charge over it.



The mind has been designed and created in such a way that it is the central navigator of our daily lives.

If you allow it to control your life in a negative way it affects you in a negative way.



Being double minded has a major part to play in our failures and our unsuccessful encounters in life.

A double minded person gains and profits nothing but rather loses all his or her heart is set upon.


I wondered why we can’t stay on one course for a very longtime then I realized that we’ve been created in a way to make hard choices every day.


The choice you make today can either positively or negatively affect your life one way or the other.

How do I overcome uncertainty when it comes to my thinking?

To be able to overcome the attitude of double mindedness in order to escape the uncertainties of life is by

becoming self-discipline and staying true to yourself.


To stay true to yourself is the very first step in overcoming all the hardships and difficulties life may throw at you.

Yes I just wrote that, anyone who stays through to him or herself has that spirit of confidence to undertake any

vision he or she has for him or herself by taking action.



You can only get there if you set your Heart On course and also do well to follow that small instinct voice that tells you that you can do it.





I AM A STUDENT BLOGGER who blogs on student politics across the nation. I work with a team of expert in the tertiary institutions who gives credible info to any story worth telling.

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