The Three Side Effects of Procrastination.

One of the very attitude that had impact in my life negatively growing up was procrastination.

I define procrastination in my own simple language as the act of laziness.

You are surprised I guess but that’s it; the act of being lazy simply defines procrastination.

I told one of my colleague way back in school that procrastination can kill and he doubted me.

We argued till we both got to our dormitories.

I am going to make this blog post so simple for you to understand that Procrastination is a serious issue that has the capacity within us to destroy it.

You might still be wondering how this is possible.

Ha-ha, I procrastinated and failed my entire exams and was the last but one in terms of position when it comes to my class. I was then the assistant school prefect and I couldn’t come out of my dormitory for about a week because I felt shy to.

I couldn’t stand the look and facial expression I was going to get from my subordinate and those who thought highly of me. It funny right? Seriously I am just laughing myself because I just had that memory back.

What are the 3 effects?

  1. Procrastination has the ability to break you and make you loose your self-confidence.

You might be wondering how? Lol like the example I gave, I lost my self-confidence and I couldn’t come out of the room because I felt shy and also to avoid that weird look my colleagues will give me.  This wasn’t so normal. It was a s result of my inability to take charge of myself to do what was needed of me.


  1. It leads to failure

Procrastination can lead to failure in any aspect of your life that you refuse to take charge of. In business, if you fail to market that products that you need to, you will run at a loss. In academics if you refuse to study, you trail all your papers and will need to restart again by writing whatever paper you failed.


  1. It can lead to death

I am going to be religious here because I am a Christian who believes in the things of Christ and so I am going to be straight forward.

If you fail to pray over that thing that keeps haunting you or that particular weird dream that you had, death won’t fail to carry you along if God don’t intervene.


Procrastination is not an attitude to joke with. It a mental issue which needs to be dealt with.







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