Three things To Do That Will Make You Successful In life

It’s the dream of everyone to be successful in life. I so quiet remember when I entered into the second phase of my life.

I know you are wondering what the second phase of my life was. I had written my BECE and passed

Successfully to the secondary school level. I had the opportunity to read science and all I had in mind

Was to become someone useful to myself and my family.

A lot of people had the mindset of becoming medical doctors, pharmacist, and nurses but yet a lot ended up in becoming what they never planned for including myself and I wondered why?…

I asked myself this question and the answer I had was maybe not all of us were called to hold such professions in life.


Each of us were called differently to do different great things in this world.


What Can I do To Cause a change in my life?


If you turn out not to care about where you are and what you are, you will never experience any great change in your life.


I hear a lot about success and also read a lot from motivational speakers but the real question we need to ask ourselves after reading and listening to all these motivational stuffs is what we can do to cause a change in our lives.

There are three things in life that can change a whole lot in our lives when it comes to being successful.

  1. Focus Mindset:

A lot of us don’t know how to be certain in their choices. Anyone in a contemplation stage for too long turns to give up one way or the other. The good book says ‘a double minded person shouldn’t expect to receive anything from the lord’.  To be able to achieve anything in this real life, you’ve got to stay focus.


  1. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination has its own three side effects. Procrastination is simply being lazy and not ready to attack what is needed of you. That’s what I call procrastination. Go around your ton and interview the richest and ask them how they got to where they are. The answers you are likely to get is stay focus and stay on course.

You’ve got to know what you want. There is nothing called Failure but rather a looser. Failures are people who turn to gain more experiences in what they keep on doing till they sail through but a looser is someone who don’t try at all and always has an excuse. You are not the kind of person. You avoid procrastination, you are on your way to greatness.


  1. Action Oriented

An action oriented person is simply a sign that shows that the person is seriously at what they do. You can’t be an action oriented man and still keep on loosing.


Any successful person is someone who took action I whatever they did.







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