TTU: SRC President Aspiring Candidate Ernest Kingsley Mensah Releases Press Statement Concerning Todays Election [Read]

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As a student, there are many challenges that come up every now and then.

For such reason, I inspire you all to “aspire to the highest, and expire as the greatest”-EK Mensah

Solving challenges are easier not only when we have leaders, we know but even better when the Leader listens and pays attention to our cries, challenges, and worries.

A leader who inspires everyone day in and day out to achieve their outmost best.

A leader who is vision driven and readily grapes new concepts to be adopted to empower, complement and improve the living of all.

A leader who realizes opportunities and seizes them through lobbying and profitable proposal upbringing.

A leader who can call a spade, a spade. And be truthful to his people at all times and uphold moral intelligence.

In solving our challenges, we require a leader who keeps his promises and not the one who makes promises and doesn’t recall even what has been said.

In getting solutions to our challenges we need positive change. We need to be better than before. We need reforms that will place us all in a space where the system will and can work. We need a system we can collectively be involved in the Governance. We need to have Power to do and undo the challenges we face every day.




Our surest bet for a Better and brighter tomorrow is ERNEST KINGSLEY MENSAH (V-Power)

I believe you,

We believe in you,

We’re good together

And Stronger Together.

If you ever wanted to be the best you can, then the time is now.



TTU SRC President “21 _hopeful_

Free to share ♻️

BE A SHARK not a tuna 😉



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