Wendy Shay Reveals The Lucky Man In Her Life

An award-winning singer, Wendy Shay is currently in a relationship with God and has disclose that, no man is in her life at this time for the reason that her attention has been to serve the Lord.

She believes that, the beginning of greatness is having a great relationship with the Lord and in His time, the Lord will certainly stretch her a man who deserves her.

“Whoever I give my vagina to should not be people’s problems. By the way I’m in a relationship with God and until he gives me someone, I am with him till eternity”, she voiced.

Wendy Shay disclosed this in an interview with Kofi TV. She continued;

“My work takes a lot of my time and so I can’t date just any man. I will have to get someone who understands my work and makes room for such inconveniences. Look at the time but we are here having an interview. If I had a boyfriend, he would have wanted me to be by him after work but that’s not the case so I don’t I’m ready for such relationship”.

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